No one wants to have an accident or seriously ill. However, accidents happen and people get sick. Medical insurance in the USA is extremely expensive. In the US, there is no state insurance or health services (as a rule, employers provide health insurance for employees and their family members. Those who do not have such insurance provided for in a work contract should take care of themselves). Health insurance is a must.

University Medical Insurance in the USA

Most colleges and universities in the United States have clinics or other medical services for students. The “fee for medical services” that a student pays every semester (or the beginning of each academic year) is used to provide such services. However, universities provide only minor medical services or emergency medical care. In case of serious health problems, the university sends the student to a medical institution at the place of residence, and, of course, the student will pay all the necessary medical expenses.

Health insurance plan

If the university does not provide health insurance, then it is very important to take care of health insurance and accident insurance yourself. This is the only way to protect yourself from extremely high medical costs for any injury or illness. Contact the Foreign Student Advisor and email him about health insurance (re: health and accident insurance). Moreover, the materials that the selection committee will send you must also contain information about student health insurance and its cost.

University Medical Insurance

Some universities require that all students have medical and accident insurance. This is an additional requirement, in addition to the already mentioned “payment for medical services”, which is usually paid at the beginning of each school year.

Special insurance for foreign students

You need to write an e-mail to the university, namely, advisers for foreign students asking for information (re: health insurance plans for the foreign student.) You need an insurance policy that is specifically designed for the needs of foreign students in the United States. Usually, these medical policies cover all necessary medical expenses and are reasonably priced. If your husband or wife is with you, ask about family insurance options.

International students with scholarship or sponsorship

If you have a sponsor (private, or you received a financial reward, or just go on an exchange program) or a scholarship from the university, then you are likely already provided with a medical insurance policy. Be aware of exactly what kind of medical services you are provided with, and which are not (it is better to understand in advance what the insurance company will pay for). If your family is with you, ask what kind of medical coverage insurance covers for them.

Find out when a medical policy comes into effect. If you plan to arrive to the USA faster, and your insurance policy will not be effective and will take effect only after registering at the university, then you should remember that you are not insured for the duration of the trip and up to the beginning of the course. In this case, you can ask the university about additional short-term insurance.

The following information shows which medical services are not covered by standard medical insurance.

  1. Maternity leave: must be purchased separately.
  2. Dental services: it would be worthwhile to take care of the condition of your teeth before traveling to the USA.
  3. Points: it is better to stock up with another pair of glasses from home.
  4. Existing conditions: most companies will not reimburse the costs of treating those diseases / injuries that were before the start of the policy.

Source: Handbook for Foreign Students and Scholars Planning to Study in the United States (Handbook for Foreign Students).

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