It is always difficult when something goes wrong while studying. But everything is doubly difficult if you study abroad. If you are planning to study in the United States and are trying to understand something about the American health care system, we offer a brief guide on how this all works.

American health care system

In the US, health care funding is minimal. Usually financing is done by private companies. Many people find it difficult to pay for medical services, because a day in a hospital can cost thousands of dollars depending on the treatment. It is important that those who live, study or travel in the United States have adequate medical insurance that covers the costs of a wide range of medical procedures. The insurance should cover computed tomography and MRI, vaccinations and operations.

The insurance will help cover any medical expenses that may occur during your studies. You will need to pay monthly installments, the size of which will depend on the level of insurance and the number of people subscribing to it.


An application for a F1 student visa does not require that a student in the United States have medical insurance. However, most students in America are required to have a certain level of insurance provided by the school or university. Try to clarify everything before starting your first semester. Otherwise, the university may not register you. 

Different schools in different states require different levels of health insurance from students. Thus, it is important that before learning you know what kind of insurance you need. This information should be listed on your university website. You can also use the International Student Insurance resource , which provides all the necessary information.

Once you know what level of insurance is required at your university, look for different options and see what is included in the different insurance rates. Make sure you get the most for your money. Search better in such reputable companies as ISO or International Student Insurance . Alternatively, you can shop around and compare health insurance rates on American Visitor Insurance. Do not forget to read footnotes and notes written in small print to know exactly what insurance covers in emergencies.

If you already have a medical condition, be aware that this affects health insurance coverage. For example, some companies charge higher fees to those who have health problems. Others may postpone the period of insurance and payments, for example, for 12 months.

As soon as you have your own health insurance, it is important to keep these documents carefully. Let’s hope that you do not have to use them often during training. But if an unexpected situation arises, you will need to immediately submit all insurance documents. This is important when contacting medical facilities.

Home and Property Insurance

Health insurance may be important for those who want to study in the United States. But it is equally important to insure your home and property. What will you do if someone steals your phone? Or a computer? Can you buy a new one? Or can you imagine how this will affect your learning if all the work done is stored on a computer?

If you live on campus, in conditions similar to communal, you can not say that your property is completely safe. Some schools recognize this and include insurance premiums in rent. Before signing the lease agreement, check whether these conditions apply to you. If so, how much will you get if something happens? Make sure that the payments will cover, for example, the cost of all the gadgets that you have.

There are many insurance policies that allow parents of students to enter their children. This alternative may be a bit cheaper. Just make sure your home insurance is applicable abroad. Be sure to read the texts written in small print to know exactly what you are entitled to in unforeseen situations.

If you share your home with other students, each of you must have your own insurance policy. Keep your documents where they are safe.

If something insignificant happened to you or something not very valuable was stolen from you, think before you contact the insurance company. The fact is that later it will affect your insurance premiums. They may increase. In general, sometimes it is easier to solve a problem on your own, thereby saving money. 

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