A federal court in Fort Worth, Texas, overturned Obamacare, a key US healthcare reform, which could deprive up to 20 million people of health insurance through this reform.The reform, known under the informal name of Obamacare, should be abolished because the congress abolished its key position – fines for the lack of health insurance, according to the decision of Judge Reed O’Connor. The decision was made on the suit of 20 states, which demanded to repeal the law Obamacare.

The fact that Congress has canceled the mandatory purchase of insurance, invalidates all other provisions of the reform, said in a court decision.It is assumed that the decision will be appealed shortly. However, it was taken less than 24 hours before the end of the next insurance purchase period for the year ending December 15. Thus, it is difficult for consumers to determine whether they should buy insurance for the remaining time, if they have not already done so, and how the cost of medical care will change if the court decision continues.The White House and the Ministry of Health have not yet commented on the situation.

Media: US refused to protect key benefits of health care reform

The reform of 2010 obliged all Americans to buy medical insurance, and in return promised subsidies to the poor. The reform did not increase competition among insurers, as its organizers had hoped. And the influx of new patients who are obliged to buy insurance, only inflated prices, because insurers lost the right to deny policies to people with chronic diseases. Republicans in the congress of the current convocation have made the abolition of fines, de facto depriving consumers of financial incentives to purchase policies. However, all the alternatives proposed by the Republicans to the law have consistently failed in the Senate.

In the US, four cities sued Trump for “sabotage” ObamaCare

WFour US cities have sued President Donald Trump – according to representatives of these states, the head of state is “sabotaging” the ObamaCare health insurance system, so named after former President Barack Obama, Hill said on Thursday.

US President Donald Trump.  Archival photo

Four cities – Baltimore, Chicago, Columbus and Cincinnati – filed a lawsuit in the federal court of Maryland, arguing that the actions taken by Trump against this system are contrary to the US Constitution.

In particular, it is indicated that the government has reduced the amount of funding in terms of information support for people who intend to become members of this insurance system.

Earlier it was reported that the administration of US President Donald Trump refused to defend the key and most popular benefits that the health care reform provided by Barack Obama provided to the Americans. It is a matter of prohibiting insurers from denying citizens insurance on the basis of pre-existing diseases or raising the price of a policy based on the age and state of health of the insured. In court, where a number of states are protesting against the remaining provisions of the Obamacare reform, representatives of the US Justice Department said they would not defend these norms.

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