Insurance is expensive, but sometimes very necessary. Car rental companies offer several types of insurance, not all are mandatory.

  •  Loss Damage Waiver / Collision Damage – insurance for theft / damage – covers all costs in the event of a car theft or an accident. It also covers “loss of use” – the money that the agency loses when the car is at a car repair shop in case of an accident. If you are the owner of your own car in the USA, then as a rule, insurance for your personal car will cover all or most of the expenses of Loss Damage Waiver / Collision Damage if the car you rent is at a cost not more expensive than your personal car.
  •  Personal Effects Coverage (PEF) – optional insurance, which in case of theft or car damage, covers the cost of your personal belongings in the car.
  •  Supplemental Liability Protection – protects you in the event of an accident, if you have damaged the property of others or damaged their health or life. As a rule, car rental companies are required by law to provide a minimum Supplemental Liability Protection, but it does not cover the costs in case of serious accidents. If you have personal insurance for a car / house, you probably don’t need an SLP.
  •  Personal Accident Insurance – medical insurance for those who do not have personal insurance. Covers the cost of medical care for all passengers. Often agencies associate this insurance with PEF. In this case, you can not give up the PEF and must take it.

Some US credit cards (but not all!) May also cover some types of insurance. To find out what expenses are covered by your card, contact the credit card issuer directly, as insurance conditions may change from the time you open the card. For greater reliability, ask for a written version of all conditions and insurance coverage obligations.

The most popular American car rental websites.

One of the most popular online booking sites is Expedia. The site finds and compares various options for car rental from different companies and their cost. The site also offers special offers and discounts from car rental companies. Cars can be searched by car type, including elite, VIP and sports cars . The search can also be carried out by the names of companies offering car rental services, the city or airport of the United States, where you plan to rent a car. 

Features car rental in the United States: gasoline

As for gasoline: as a rule, you take a car with a full tank and you must also return it with a full tank. Otherwise, the agency will charge you extra for gasoline shortage. The cost will be calculated for each missing gallon at the rate of 2-3 times higher than you would pay yourself at a gas station. Do not be lazy to fill the car!

Features car rental in the US: how to rent at the lowest cost

Also, to avoid additional costs, find out if there are any restrictions on the number of miles you can drive per day. If this limit exists and you exceed it, you will have to pay!

Some agencies charge a fee for the fact that you took the car in one place, and rent it in another. Most likely this is due to the fact that someone will have to drive your car to the original point, and this is also an additional cost for the agency. Tip – find out in advance whether the surrender of the car in another mete any fees.

And one more tip – try to return the car by the agreed time. If you are late – you will have to pay for each overdue hour, until the cost equals the daily cost of renting a car.

To avoid any additional costs when renting a car when ordering via the Internet, read the terms of the company on their website, and then confirm or ask you important moments when you pick up the car.

American car rental sites

There are several popular American sites (see below) that find and compare car rental options and their cost among the most famous car rental companies in the USA. Search and order cars on such sites is very convenient, since all the options and prices for them are issued in one pivot table, where it is easy enough to choose the most suitable option. The sites also offer all current discounts and special offers from car companies – a great way to find the lowest rental prices. It is also convenient to search for cars by the type of cars (including luxury and sports cars), by the company offering car rental services.

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